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STRUT esports is expanding into blockchain gaming with an official collaboration with Heroes of Mavia, a play-to-earn MMO base-building strategy game developed by Skrice Studios. Yvan Feusi, Executive Producer for Skrice Studios, states “I love the relationship we have built with STRUT, which shares our passion & motivation for Mavia. They provide us with great support & we are happy to have them along with us on our journey.”

The brand-new partnership has led STRUT esports to acquire over 50 land-based NFTs in Mavia, where STRUT branding will appear in the game.

“STRUT esports is focused on expanding into the future of blockchain gaming and is excited to announce its first big venture with Heroes of Mavia.” states Albernaki, Head of STRUT esports. “The HoM P2E model provides a unique opportunity for us to work with our alliances and players within the competitive esports community.”

“As we venture further into the competitive world of esports, we must surround ourselves with proven teams that believe in Mavia’s vision and future. Over the several months we have worked alongside STRUT’s team, it is clear that their team has a deep understanding of our game genre and how Mavia should position itself to become the next top mobile esports game,” states Tristan Chaudhry, Managing Director of Skrice Studios.